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NEGATRON was established by one of the Brown Brothers in 2004 as an electronic sound and acoustic sales and maintenance company. During which NEGATRON specialized in sales and maintenance on Call Center peripheral equipment.

Specializing in Call Centers, NEGATRON provided services such as Resource Planning, Workforce Management, Call Center Architecture, Support and Maintenance of Call Center Hardware and Software (Specializing in Rockwell, Aspec, Siemens and Avaya) products.

With the growing need for more soft solutions within the Call Center environment and the need for converged technologies, NEGATRON ventured into the software development space to provide more customized software solutions

Development of MIS solutions was NEGATRON's key focus. Using clients existing SQL databases NEGATRON would introduce customized reporting and web dashboard, making tracking of Call Center performance easier.

The growing need for small business and individuals requesting their own web sites attracted NEGATRON's attention. The cost of hardware and connectivity expenses on small business and individuals didn't make a good business case, hence NEGATRONs response to this need.