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PSP Customise and Homebrew Apps

NEGATRON will customise your PSP allowing you to do more with the console. This customisation doesn't affect the normal operations of your console, but unlocks it's capability to run homebrew software applications.

With this customisation you will be able to install and run additional applications. Backup your UMD games and movies into an ISO image format and play backup games and movies from your PSP without a UMD disk. This way your UMD disk will last longer as you do not use it when playing games.

You simply rip your games and movies to your PSP's Memory Stick Duo and leave your original UMD disk at home while experiencing the full games and movies from your Memory Stick Duo.

This procedure is very simple and can be done within 20min. Contact us now to have your PSP customised mail us. Click here for pricing. Click here for a list of available games